The US is a large market, both in terms of geography, and the number of consumers. With 50 States operating with sometimes differing regulatory requirements, with different seasons, different time zones and 3,000 miles apart, the logistics challenges are very different from those in the UK.

Our North American marketplace has over 360 million consumers buying from more than 3.8 million retail stores (compared with 192,000 in the UK), spread over an area of 9.8 million km2 (the UK has an area of 242,000 km2). There are almost 500,000 people employed by the US Post Office at more than 35,000 locations. In total, the top three US carriers, USPS, Fedex and UPS operated over 66,000 retail locations across the USA in 2018. What’s more, shipping rates can vary drastically compared with the UK, making the choice of the right US logistics strategy even more critical to achieving commercial success in the States.

We partner with clients to understand how the major retailers work in the USA, identifying which carriers and modes of transport will suit clients’ needs most cost effectively and efficiently. With such huge distances between major US cities, it is not unusual to find that ground shipping from a retailer takes a week or longer for larger items. Next day deliveries can be extremely costly, and even Amazon Prime shipping typically in the US takes two days, due to the less dense population and longer transit times.

We understand the US logistics challenges that all our customers face, and we are able to help UK firms to shape their logistics strategies or refine existing arrangements as they grow in sales volume, product range or geographic reach.

Whether you are selling to a handful of US distributors, to one of the many national retailers with up several thousand ‘big box’ stores, via Amazon, or direct through your own e-commerce website, we can help you understand US logistics.


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