Retail logistics & EDI

US retailers have huge scale, some with as many as 10,000 stores and dozens of Regional Distribution Centres (RDCs) and their own fleet of trucks spanning the country. As a result they typically have their own Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) systems, each unique and with very specific requirements.

Our two decades of experience dealing with all the major US retailers, and many of the independent chains, means we are able to efficiently meet the very specific requirements of any US EDI system, ensuring compliant, timely and highly accountable logistics support for UK firms supplying US retail.

We liaise with retail shipping departments, or book our own carriers to ship the right SKUs and volumes to the specified RDCs with the correct labels and documentation every time.

Don’t let the rigorous requirements of US retail EDI be a daunting hurdle for your US logistics, let us guide you through the process and ensure your stock reaches the right place, in the right volume, in the right packaging every time.


We are geared up to respond swiftly to all UK enquiries