Quality control & returns management

Our track-record in the delivery of returns and quality control projects is second to none, and we regularly undertake projects of enormous scale as well as regular ongoing contracts for different clients.

Whether you need a few thousand retail displays assembling, packaged and despatched, or whether you need a regular flow of returns processing and consolidating in the US, we can design a process and agreement to suit your needs.

We are trusted by some of the biggest brands in retail to provide massive scale retail fulfilment services involving tens of thousands of stores and literally millions of items in hundreds of individual product lines and SKUs.

In one 2018 project we delivered over 5 million items in 20,000 displays to over 10,000 stores within a 30 day window. With over 300 truckloads despatched and close to 200 staff working full time, it was one of the largest and most complex retail fulfilment projects ever undertaken by Wal-Mart.

We can also step in to resolve problems and manage recalls for clients when urgent issues arise regarding stock quality packaging and other unforeseen situations. Our readily available workforce can remove individual parts for salvage, take expired stickers off items or re-package individual products in new bags and boxes where the value recoverable warrants the investment in time.

You can see more information and examples in our case study section.


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