Pick, pack, kitting & light assembly

One of our key specialisms, due to our in-house temporary labour agency and competitive wage costs locally is in the provision of assembly, picking and packing services for clients.

Whether you need to consolidate shipments of product from the Far East and pack them in boxes from another location, or pull together multiple products into POS displays or kits, we have the experience and systems built over more than 20 years managing projects for UK and US firms.

We know the importance of planning the process, documenting every step and maximising the efficiencies to ensure you get the highest rate of assembly and packing possible, whilst maintaining perfect quality control. Whether you need a few hours to fulfil a small one-off order, or an army of experienced assembly workers to handle a large order for thousands of stores, we can accurately cost the project and manage the delivery within tight deadlines and to precise standards.


We are geared up to respond swiftly to all UK enquiries