Logistics strategy & US stock management

We work closely with many customers to help them shape their strategy and logistics requirements in response to changes in their US business .

Our experience working with every conceivable type of logistics and stock management arrangement means we can quickly and easily evaluate your options and recommend the most efficient and suitable strategy for your current and future needs.

For some clients we are their only US presence, and we act as a warehouse, fulfilment centre and even their US office address. In the case of e-commerce and online businesses, we are able to interface directly with the databases to despatch orders automatically as they come in, or in batches against hourly, daily or weekly schedules.

We often hold significant stock for clients based overseas to ensure their lead times for US retail and business to business customers are reduced, and sales teams are supported with the ability to promise regular US deliveries without rush charges for international carriers.

In other instances, we act solely as an overflow facility to help supplement other existing US warehouse operations that are periodically too small to handle the receiving and breaking down of large US retail orders.

Whatever your particular needs and situation, we can work together to identify the most sensible, cost efficient arrangement to ensure you can keep your service at the highest levels, and keep your costs to a minimum.


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