VPI is an independent US based third party logistics specialist founded in 1996. From our New England base, we operate globally, supporting importers and exporters with fulfilment, assembly and distribution of retail products destined for all corners of the North American market.

Our mission is to always put our customers’ needs first and to exceed expectations, consistently providing excellent customer service and top quality logistics provision at cost effective prices, using leading technology to deliver value in every assignment.
Our 180,000 sq ft warehouse facility and state of the art systems give us a unique capability to provide highly efficient tailored support for UK firms operating in the USA. With a solid track record of more than 20 years of customised service, we are trusted by many of the leading names in the US including Wal-Mart, Yankee Candle, Foster Grant International and A.T. Cross.

Uniquely, we also operate temporary staffing services to support large volume or time-constrained projects. Our ready supply of trained labour enables us to complete rush contracts or respond to spikes in demand that can result from viral marketing and direct response TV campaigns.

Our founder, Vincent Porcaro, leads our 450-strong team to support the many services we provide for a growing number of UK and European clients, as well as domestic US customers.


We are geared up to respond swiftly to all UK enquiries